Should I Use Rollers Or Spray Guns To Paint My Interior?

Posted on: 15 June 2017

When it comes to painting the inside of your house, there are a few ways to go about it. The two most popular painting methods are using a spray gun and using rollers. This article compares the two processes so you can decide which is best for your home. As you'll see, it often depends on the size of your home, and a few other factors.

Spray Guns

First of all, when it comes to actually getting paint on your walls, a spray gun is quicker. However, this doesn't account for the extra prep and clean up work. Usually, the prep and clean up when using a spray gun is more intense than if you use paint rollers.

If you are painting on new construction, it's spray gun will definitely be better. That is, if there is no flooring or furniture in your home, you won't need to worry about too much prep work. However, if you are already living in your home with flooring and furniture, you will need to do some extensive prep work to protect against overspray. Basically, overspray can get everywhere, so you need to be comprehensive when masking off.

Rollers and Brushes

When spraying, it is a good idea to cover every square inch of your floor. However, when you're just using rollers, you just need to mass off the walkway around the walls your painting, unless you are painting the ceilings as well. Also, when you use rollers, you can move your furniture to the center of the room and walk around it, creating a safe and efficient work area. Once again, this is something that you can't really do when using a spray gun.

You also need to consider how many people (capable painters) will actually be helping on the job. If you have three or four helpers, each can have their own paint roller or brush and you can quickly get your walls covered. However, since you will probably only be renting one spray gun, having a few helpers won't be as beneficial. If you are doing the work all by yourself, a spray gun might be the way to go.

You really need to make a decision based on the circumstances of your house. Both methods can return equally beautiful paint jobs. Choose which will be the most efficient in your home. The cost of renting a spray gun for a couple of days will be comparable to the cost of buying rollers and brushes.

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