Make Power Washing A Part Of Your Spring Cleaning Routine

Posted on: 4 February 2016

It's never too soon to begin planning for the big spring cleaning that your home will undergo. A yearly cleaning is an essential element of maintaining a home in good condition. Without these yearly deep cleans, decking, siding, roofing and the patios around your home could become discolored and unsightly much sooner than they should. One way to thoroughly clean most of the exterior surfaces of your home is power washing.


Power washing can be used to remove mold, mildew, dirt, animal feces and insect homes from the exterior of your home. Take a look at your siding – how clean is it really? Wood burning stoves and fireplaces in your neighborhood can result in soot landing on your home and causing the siding to become dirty and discolored. Fortunately, if you act as soon as the winter weather departs, you can remove the ash and soot with a good power cleaning.  

If power washing doesn't restore the siding, it is possible to paint the surface using quality paint. Once you have a fresh coat of paint on the siding, make sure to keep up with regular power washing cleanings to prevent stains from occurring again.


Replacing the deck on your home is an expense that you likely want to put off as long as possible. Keeping your current deck looking its best and eliminating the moss, mold, mildew and insects that have become a problem will help to protect the deck for many years. One of the benefits of power washing the deck is that it will help to remove all of these damaging elements without the use of harsh chemicals. Once the deck has been power washed, simply apply a coat of sealant and your deck is ready to go for another year.


Concrete driveways, sidewalks and patios can all become discolored over the winter due to all of the abuse that they sustain. Rock salt, ice, snow and mud after the snow has melted can lead to discolored areas that don't want to come clean easily.

To restore the concrete surfaces, a good power washing could be all that is needed. Power washing can break down the grime that is deep in the pores of the concrete and quickly wash them away. To lessen the likelihood of further discoloration in the future, apply a coat of concrete sealant to the surfaces to make it more difficult for the water, dirt and debris to penetrate the porous concrete surface.

Power washing should be a big part of your spring cleaning. Talk with your local power washing services to learn more about how their services can assist you in maintaining your home in good condition.