A Few Tricks For Saving & Getting The Most Out Of Paint Brushes And Rollers

Posted on: 4 December 2015

If you are currently in the process of painting all the rooms in your house, you can cut down on the overall cost of repainting by taking good care of the rollers and brushes that you purchase. If you take care of your rollers and brushes properly, you'll be able to get more than one use out of them.

#1 Wash Rollers With A Roller Washer

If you are using rollers to paint with, and are looking to reuse the rollers in multiple rooms with different colors of paint, you need to stay on top of washing your rollers as soon as you finish up using them. You can soak your rollers in your sink, then scrub the paint out of them.

Or, you can purchase a specially designed roller washer at your local home improvement store. These washers significantly cut down on the amount of time that it takes to wash a roller. All you have to do is hook up a special hose to your faucet, and put your roller inside of a special tube. Then, you attach the tube to the hose, and run the water for a few minutes. The device will wash away and squeeze out all the paint that is in your roller.

Once you have removed the paint from your rollers, you'll want to let them sit and dry overnight. If you go straight from one paint job to the next, the moisture that your roller retains could water down the paint and make it not look so great, which is why you should always let your rollers dry overnight.

#2 Cut Away Any Ragged Edges

Sometimes, even with the best cleaning job, you are left with ragged edges on your roller where you couldn't remove all the paint. If you reuse your roller, these rough and ragged edges can destroy your paint job and leave streaks and traces everywhere.

However, just because your roller has a ragged edge does not mean you have to throw it away. Just take a pair of scissors, and trim off the ragged edges. Try to leave a slightly tapered edge as you trim. With the nastiness gone, your roller will work as good as new.

#3 Clean A Brush With A Golf Club Brush

If you are using brushes to paint with, as soon as you are done painting, immediately run the brushes under warm water and use a golf club brush to scrub away the paint. The stiff plastic bristles on the gold club brush will help you scrub away all the paint that is on the brush without damaging it. The brass bristles on the opposite side of the brush will help you remove any spots where the paint has dried and just will not let go. If you wash your paint brushes as soon as you are done with them, they shouldn't get a chance to become difficult to clean.

#4   Soak Your Brushes Overnight

Once you have cleaned your brushes, you can soak them overnight in a can full of paint cleaning solution. However, in order to not ruin the bristles, you don't want to let the paint brushes tough the bottom. This will cause the bristles to spread and bend. Before you place your brushes in a cup of cleaning solution, clip a large binder clip on the handle and open out the arms. The arms of the binder clip should go across the top of the cup and allow the brush to soak in the water without the bristles touching  the bottom and getting smashed. 

If you follow the tips above, you should be able to reuse the same rollers and brushes to paint all the rooms in your house. Contact a painter, like Euro-Men Painting Ltd, if you need more help.